VGCF™-H - Conductive Additive for cathode and anode


Showa Denko Europe GmbH


Conductive Additive for cathode and anode - VGCF™-H Improving cyclability and low-temperature performance, stabilizing under high voltage range Showa Denko started R&D of VGCF™ in 1982 and has made mass-production for over 20 years. Based on our rich experience, we have established our own production engineering and provided our customers with high quality conductive additives. VGCF™-H is specialized for excellent conductive performance with thicker and longer fiber-shape than other conductive additives, which contributes to enhancing the cyclability of lithium-ion batteries. VGCF™-H also improves low-temperature performance by securing the lithium-ion diffusion path. In addition, VGCF™-H shows low reactivity with the electrolyte since it includes a graphitization process at high temperatures, which results in high stability under high voltage range.


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