POLYSOL™ LB series - Anode Binder


Showa Denko Europe GmbH


Anode Binder - POLYSOL™ LB series High adhesion anode binder leads to a low electrical resistance and high thermostability Showa Denko has started production of synthetic resin emulsion and have provided wide range of high performance products used for such as paints, adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives since 1951. Our rich experiences and technologies enable us to develop POLYSOL™ LB series. POLYSOL™ LB series is a styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion which is polymerized under ordinary pressure. POLYSOL™ LB series has many types of chemical functional groups which help to control the surface condition of each particles compared with SBR latex. In addition, the resin composition and molecular weight can be also customized simply. POLYSOL™ LB series optimizes high adhesion strength, low internal resistance and thermostability of lithium-ion batteries. We have commercialized POLYSOL™ LB series both for consumer electronics and automotives which is applied with EU REACH regulation.


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