AlN Filler - High Thermal Conductive and moisture resistant Filler

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Showa Denko Europe GmbH


High Thermal Conductive and moisture resistant AlN (Aluminum Nitride) Filler Thermally Conductive Filler Materials for insulated Thermal Interface Material Our brand-new Aluminum Nitride (AlN) filler has been successfully released in the market in addition to our existing product portfolios of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) and Boron Nitride (BN) fillers. Our fillers have excellent insulation reliability through the well-controlled process of minimizing of conductive contaminations. We can also offer fillers that prevent decreasing of voltage resistance characteristic, enhanced by reduction of voids in Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) composite with filler-blending technology and surface treatment. In addition, our AlN filler has high moisture resistance. We can specially customize our products meeting various levels of thermal conductivity.


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