SiC epi wafer

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Showa Denko Europe GmbH


Showa Denko has developed a second-generation product, High Grade Epi 2(HGE-2G) which is specialized for lower surface defect density of higher quality as compared with High Grade Epi (HGE). HGE-2G shows less than 1/2 of HGE in defect density, which contributes to high yield of die production for our customers. Our HGE-2G can help customers to make lower cost production of power module with higher temperature operation, higher voltage characteristics, larger current characteristics, better heat dissipation. We can contribute to wide use of SiC devices with our sustainable efforts to enhance performance of defect density, film thickness and high carrier density uniformity.


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Automative ComponentsCharging InfrastructureDrivetrain
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Power Electronics

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